Welcome to the Dr. Alex Lechin Scholarship Program!

Dr. Alex Lechin, M.D., F.C.C.P. created this scholarship fund to reward, enable and furthermore, encourage students pursuing a career in the fields of health sciences, mathematics or business studies. Dr. Lechin is the director at the Texas Institute of Chest & Sleep Disorders based in Houston, Texas. Notably, he is board certified in Sleep Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Internal Medicine. Dr. Lechin studied in the United States and his native Venezuela, where he graduated with his Doctor of Medicine (MD) 8th in his class. In addition, he has also served as the director of numerous hospitals in the Houston locality.

It is Dr. Alex Lechin’s passion to excel in the science programs, mathematics, and business studies that has made him a successful, compassionate and knowledgeable physician. These traits have allowed him to help his patients live healthy and happy lives. As a physician managing his own practice, he finds that the three areas of study strongly correlate in his field. Focusing on science, math, and business has been beneficial in running a successful medical center.

The Scholarship

The Dr. Alex Lechin Scholarship Program wishes that this scholarship reaches students following their own passion. The aim of this scholarship is to encourage students to continue succeeding in their studies of science programs, mathematics or business studies. The variety of programs these areas encompass is vast, so there is great potential for graduates to give back to their community and society when working within these fields.

We are awarding two scholarships of $500 (USD/CAD) to American or Canadian applicants who best meet the criteria. You must also submit an essay (see details here). We are encouraging everyone who meets the criteria to apply! Share this opportunity with family, friends, co-workers and peers.

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