About Dr. Alex Lechin

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Early Life

Dr. Alex Lechin M.D. is a pulmonologist and director at the Texas Institute of Chest & Sleep Disorders, within the city of Houston. He was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States to study for his Bachelor of Science degree. Dr. Lechin completed his studies in Venezuela and received his Doctor of Medicine degree at the Central University of Venezuela, graduating 8th in his class. He is board certified in sleep medicine, critical care medicine, pulmonary medicine, and internal medicine.


Dr. Alex Lechin eventually moved back to the United States and started his career there specializing in internal medicine. Throughout this time, he began teaching at universities in Venezuela and the USA. Furthermore, he worked as the director of several hospitals in the Houston region, as an emergency room and receiving clinic physician and an attending physician at the City of Houston Tuberculosis and Chest Clinic.

The Texas Institute of Chest & Sleep Disorders is now where Dr. Alex Lechin’s work resides and he has been there since 1994. He achieved board certification in Sleep Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Internal Medicine. For more information about sleep disorders and sleep medicine, continue to Dr. Lechin’s blog.

One of the most rewarding things Dr. Lechin experiences whether he is teaching or practicing medicine is the learning aspect. Keeping up with all the new technologies entering the field of medicine is challenging. However, it is necessary to keep learning to provide better treatment options. He enjoys seeing the new doctors he teaches at Baylor College of Medicine, striving to learn all they can. He admires their eagerness to take in as much information as possible.

“I never saw myself as anything but a doctor,” notes Dr. Lechin, also mentioning that many family members are also physicians. He enjoys his chosen profession and also spending time with this family. When he isn’t playing tennis or skiing, he is avidly reading and learning about the history of the world. He frequently listens to audiobooks when driving to and from work.

Read Dr. Alex Lechin’s full bio and in-depth interview on Inspirery and also on Ideamensch. He has written several papers which can be viewed on the Baylor College of Medicine Academia site.